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Cancer Clinical Trials

Carrie L Dul, MD
Written By:
Carrie L Dul, MD
-SJPHS Breast Care Program
St. John Hospital and Medical Center
May 16, 2012

I am excited to have this new forum available to talk about one of the best aspects of the cancer care that we can deliver at St. John Providence Health System – which is cancer clinical trials. Like all oncologists, through our training we understand that all of the advances of our field have come out of the results of clinical trials. We also understand that until all patients are cured of cancer and / or free of side effects of treatments we must always be striving to improve on our standards of care.

Here at St. John Providence Health System we participate in both a community based cancer consortium (CCOP) as well as some large clinical trials cooperative groups (ie: SWOG, RTOG, GOG)-which in lay terms means that we are able to participate in most national clinical trials that are developed by national and academic experts in the field and scrutinized at a high level for safety, ethical standards and promise. Our patients have the opportunities to participate in these trials without having to travel to an academic institution or another state.


  • Patients have access to cutting edge clinical trials within their own community
  • The quality of care improves for all patients through this participation as the care required on clinical trials are held to the highest standards
  • We can be a part attaining the dream of more cures and less burdens of cancer treatment

To learn more about the clinical trials that are offered at St. John Providence Health System please visit or contact:

Contact Name: Amanda Rogers
Contact Phone: 313 343 3166
Contact E-mail:

Contact Name: Jaswinder Grewal
Contact Phone: 248-849-5337
Contact E-mail:

Contact Name: Marg van der Veen, RN
Contact Phone: 586-573-5127
Contact E-mail:

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