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Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatments

Cathy Patterson and Becky MacIver
Written By:
Cathy Patterson and Becky MacIver
December 21, 2012

We are excited to inform you that St. John Providence Health System Cancer Center of Excellence has recognized the need to help cancer patients with the rising costs of treatment.  We are Oncology Financial Counselors who are passionate about helping cancer patients with financial concerns.  When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, many thoughts and concerns will probably come to mind and the last thing they need to worry about is how they are going to pay for treatment.  We can help patients with insurance options and guide them to resources to help make decisions during Medicare open enrollment.

We can help patients do the following:

  • Obtain Financial Assistance
  • Obtain Insurance
  • Acquire Chemotherapy Medications
  • Set up payment plans

There are many resources patients can tap into to help with expenses.  Foundations such as CancerCare, Patient Advocate Foundation, and Healthwell can help pay deductibles and coinsurance for chemotherapy treatments.  Some foundations will even help to pay for insurance premiums.  We are available to help patients apply with the foundations and will submit payment requests on their behalf.  Approval with the foundations is based on diagnosis, medications prescribed, as well as household size and income.  Many of the foundations are very generous in the amount of money they provide in their grants.  We can also help patients sign up for copayment assistance on medications via copay cards from the drug manufacturers.

To learn more about how we can assist in financial matters, please contact us at:

Cathy PattersonVan Elslander Cancer Center
Cathy Patterson
(313) 647-3012
Becky MacIverProvidence Cancer Institute
Becky MacIver
(248) 849-2035

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